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Video Games by the Numbers

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This is a guest post by Shannon Dunn, theĀ Outreach coordinator for The Monitor Monitor.

Have you ever seen those photos of people showing off their game collections? Jealous much?

Video Games are Astoundingly Popular

Video games are such an important part of our lives – they are an outlet for us and an escape from the everyday reality into fantasy worlds where you can do incredible things. Not to mention the amazing amount of research, development, writing, and artwork that goes into producing a single game.

To put things into perspective, the guys over at The Monitor Monitor have made a graphic of how many video games have been produced for various consoles. Imagine the time and effort put into a single game, and then multiply it by the number games for each console!

Please note that the graphic is not in chronological order, but is sorted by manufacturer, then number of games produced.


videogameinfographic-copy Video Games by the Numbers

Which of these consoles do you own? Let me know in the comments below. : )

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