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Weekly Skyrim Mod #3 – Civil War SE Edition

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As you may be aware, mods come in a variety of forms. From enhancements to additions, there are pretty much enough out there to suit anyone’s needs (or at least close to it). There are even some that should have been included in Vanilla Skyrim, like Volumetric and Supreme Fog and a few perk improvements from the Better Vanilla Perks mod. If you love ‘big’ battles with mindless combat that fit perfectly within the lore, then you shouldn’t hesitate to download this mod I’m going to show you in the rest of the post.

Populated Skyrim Civil War SE Edition (I’ve seen longer titles, but man this is exhausting to say!) gives you big battles, relatively speaking, where it pits the Stormcloaks and the Imperials together. Haven’t you ever wondered why Skyrim feels a little bare with a civil war going on? Where are the battles? What about patrols? Well this mod provides all that. All it really does is add some patrols throughout the world and some small-large scale battles where they just…fight each other!

Looks pretty sweet to me! Not only is it a solid immersive improvement, it’s also a good way to get some combat skills or your Conjuration skill up by reanimating the corpses, and the soldiers have loot as well, so it’s not a bad way to gain some extra items or gold.

Here are a couple of descriptions for a patrol and great battle:

Patrol A – 4 NPCs travel go into Markarth and travel between here and Karthwasten in search for Stormcloaks or spies.

Great Battle D (there are 4 great battles areas) – This battle occurs between Stonehill and Frostmere Crypt, pitting 40 Imperials against 40 Stormcloaks. Armies march to the location before the battle starts and any survivors will escort their Commander to their own capital. After that, they will restart and enter into enemy territory to explore and spy on them. All soldiers are respawnable.

This is something that could have been in the base game and I hope Bethesda do take this into consideration if the next Elder Scrolls involves a war. It makes the war feel like a real war, being sent into combat against the enemy. That’s how it should have been in Vanilla Skyrim.

Have you tried out this Civil War mod? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

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