Must Buy!

I know the pain of when you’re thinking about which game you might want to play next (it happens to me almost every week), but with so many games incredible games out there, having a go to list would help wouldn’t it?

Below you’ll find a compiled list of games that are MUST BUYS from those I’ve reviewed. Clicking each image/title name will take you to their respective review and also a link to Amazon (unless you can’t get the game from there).

Check them out below!

Furi – Click image to buy                                  Overwatch – Click image to buy

FuriLogo_AnimGif-300x169 Must Buy!   overwatch_image-300x169 Must Buy!

Grand Kingdom – Click image to buy               Dark Souls 3 – Click image to buy

grandKingdom_feature2-300x169 Must Buy!  dark_souls_3_feature_image1-300x163 Must Buy!

Undertale – Click image to buy                       Besiege – Click image to buy

undertale_feature_image1-300x140 Must Buy!  besiege_image1-300x140 Must Buy!

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor                    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Click image to buy

shadow_of_mordor_feature_image-300x169 Must Buy!  skyrim_feature_image-300x188 Must Buy!

Until Dawn – Click image to buy                     BioShock – Click image to buy

until-dawn-listing-thumb-01-us-12aug14-300x169 Must Buy!  bioshock_feature_image1-300x169 Must Buy!

Magicka 2 – Click image to buy                       Fallout 4 – Click image to buy

magicka2_feature_image1-1-300x169 Must Buy!  fallout4_featureImage-300x156 Must Buy!

Trine 2 – Click image to buy                            Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Click image to buy

trine_2_display_image-1-300x169 Must Buy!  dragonball-xenoverse-listing-thumb-01-ps4-ps3-us-18feb15-300x169 Must Buy!

Tomb Raider (2013) – Click image to buy       Life Is Strange – Click image to buy

tomb_raider_image2-1-300x159 Must Buy!  life-is-strange-listing-thumb-01-us-06feb15-300x169 Must Buy!

Diablo 3 – Click image to buy

Diablo-III-Logo-300x200 Must Buy!