I’m not such a fan of ‘About’ pages. I never really know what to write about myself, other than the obvious. They’re always usually the same thing and I have no idea where to start!

How much do we write? What do we write? Where do I begin??!? It all gets a bit…overwhelming for such a ‘simple’ thing.

But I’ll give it a shot anyway.

Hi, I’m Fahad, a guy who loves (which is an understatement) to game and I do so a lot! When I’m not at work or doing other stuff, I pretty much spend that time gaming, whether it be on my trusty PC, PS4, 3DS or whatever I fancy playing at the time.


Why Effs Gaming?

Well as you may know already…I play a lot of games and back in 2015 I wanted to contribute to the video game community in some way. Be it through streaming, blogging or however way possible. Blogging was and still is my #1 choice for communicating with everyone out there, including you.

In short, this blog has helped me to help you, the reader, the person who I hope I’ve benefited, either by helping you come to a decision about which type of game to get, which games offer groundbreaking experiences, whether it be through immersion, storytelling, character development and whatever simply builds a connection with you. And as long as I’m achieving that, I can’t really ask for any more. It’s what I love about this blog.


What will you find here?

If you’re someone who plays a lot of games (mainly RPGs, Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy), likes to theorycraft or has a ‘hardcore’ mentality about games, then you’re in right place. You’ll find me writing reviews, guides or even videos with me up on YouTube, which definitely needs more attention to. Basically Effs Gaming is a place where I share my honest experiences and knowledge of video games, with you guys.

If you noticed the word in bold in the last paragraph, then that’s great! Honesty is incredibly important to me when writing these reviews and guides because no likes a kiss ass. And I’m not sure about you, but I’m tired of seeing games that are blatantly terrible, but are given scores greater than average. It makes no sense and it doesn’t help us when we throw out £40 for a game that has glaring issues. I hope this hasn’t turned too much into a rant, but it’s important for me to get that out there. Any game that I receive as a review copy aren’t exceptions either : ).

When it comes to writing reviews, I can also be very critical, which is why you’ll see my reviews tend to be on the long side (was trying to weave in a Star Wars reference here ^^). If I can make them shorter, I will, unless it takes away any important details that should be shared.

If there’s something you’d like to see more of i.e. World of Warcraft content, Final Fantasy content, more videos etc. then go on ahead and let me know! I’m not only available through the comments section, but also Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. = )


What I’m Currently Playing:

Final Fantasy XV
Dishonored 2
World of Warcraft: Legion
Attack on Titan
Final Fantasy XIV (here and there)
Pokémon Sun
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition and a few more…